Monday, September 21, 2009

Dueling Intimidation Allegations Filed in Neurontin Litigation

The continuing litigation about whether Pfizer’s anti-seizure medication Neurontin is linked to suicidal behavior in some patients has been marred by allegations filed by attorneys on both sides accusing the other of using intimidation and strong-arm tactics.

Neurontin, known chemically as gabapentin, is an anti-epileptic medication (also called an anticonvulsant) taken by patients to reduce or eliminate seizures in adults and children as young as 12. The drug has been associated with serious side effects, most notably suicide.
Attorneys representing victims of Neurontin recently accused Pfizer’s counsel of trying to intimidate a potential key witness in the case. Pfizer’s attorneys then returned fire with a similar complaint against David Egilman, an expert witness for the plaintiffs.


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