Thursday, September 25, 2008

Understanding preemption

To the Editor:

If a company created a product which caused injury and/or death, would you be outraged and demand corrective action, i.e. lawsuit, etc.?

I would, and I believe you would also. Do the tobacco companies come to mind? Of course, many states redirected funds into areas foreign to their original agreement with the court, but who cares, they are the government. Right?

Well, when it comes to your health, loosen up, because the drug industry wants to be exempt from damage awards due to injuries or death caused by their drugs, medical devices, etc. It is referred to in law circles as preemption!

To come to a more comprehensive understanding of what this entails, I refer you to what Dr. Bruce West said in his Health Alert newsletter, dated August 2008, Volume 25, Issue 8, pp. 1-2. This will be a two part letter, due to length.


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