Saturday, September 20, 2008

Medical Panel Disproves Psychiatric Theory - Finding No Evidence of Schizophrenia as Genetic Disease

After 25 years of psychiatric research attempting to single out a genetic component to verify the medical existence of schizophrenia, a panel of medical researchers from Australia, France and the United States concluded that no such genes exist, nullifying the genetic theory that psychiatrists have passed off as factual despite any conclusive evidence.

The study entitled “No Significant Association of 14 Candidate Genes with Schizophrenia in a Large European Ancestry Sample: Implications for Psychiatric Genetics,” published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found there is no significant association of schizophrenia with hereditary markers previously thought to be indicative of it.

“Research has never shown any link between genes and schizophrenia,” said Mary Boyle, emeritus professor of clinical psychology from the University of East London. “There has been a vast amount of time and money spent. Yet nothing has come from it. If people want to continue this research, good luck to them. But my worry is that they are being given public funding.”


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