Monday, September 8, 2008

Judge OKs Zyprexa Class Action, Unseals Documents

A federal judge has granted class action status to a Zyprexa lawsuit that claimed Eli Lilly hid the drug’s serious side effects. The decision by Judge Jack B. Weinstein of Federal District Court in Brooklyn also unseals confidential documents relating to the antipsychotic medication. Eli Lily

The Zyprexa lawsuit in question was brought by insurance companies, pension funds and unions that want repaid for the money the they spent on the drug. The plaintiffs contend that Eli Lilly knew that Zyprexa had caused excessive weight gain and diabetes, and that the company marketed it for unapproved uses. In July, Judge Weinstein urged Lilly to settle, but the case will now proceed to a jury trial.

The judge also unsealed hundreds of pages of confidential documents that were produced by Eli Lilly in relation to a lawsuit filed by patients. They were placed under a protective court order soon after that suit was filed in 2004.


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